My name is Aaron, and I am a History Professional. I have a Master's degree in the subject and have spent the last three years working in Massachusetts museums that specialize in the history of the colonial period and the Revolutionary War. I am currently accumulating professional experience and searching for permanent, year-round work in my field.

This blog is being written both as an escape from cover letters and resumes and as a way to increase my online presence. Topics that I write about are often chosen because they parallel something that I'm working on as part of a job search, professional development, or sometimes even for fun. I would MUCH rather be writing about the discussion and practice of history than about my own search for a job, but I've been told that posts about the latter can be cathartic.We'll see.

I cover a few topics with this blog. First and foremost is historical interpretation, which is what I've basically been doing for the last three years. Sometimes these will be quick posts about something I've read. Sometimes it'll be more like an article. It depends how I'm feeling.

Next is historic preservation. I came a bit late to this cause, but now that I've found it I'm VERY enthusiastic. I think that every town should have its own historic district; without one, that town has lost a bit of its identity. So I'm probably going to talk about this a lot.

Finally, I'll update from time to time on networking, or job hunting, or the application process. Sometimes this will be news, and sometimes just a rant. Again, it depends how I'm feeling.

All of these topics will be broken down into two pretty self-explanatory pages, "Work" and "Play." If you snoop around a bit you'll probably find some other pages of goodies that I've thrown in there. Think of it as a treasure hunt.

About Sources

This is not an academic blog. I personally like reading academic essays about history, but I realize that this is not a common hobby. To break through this wall, I am going to attempt to present well-researched information in an easily digestible format. Something that 3 out of 4 people would enjoy.

However, grad school habits die hard. I like to cite my sources, and sometimes I may forget myself and throw in a footnote or two. Consider yourself warned.

About Copyright

Blogger, Twitter, Pinterest... all of these fancy online gadgets are very new to me. But I'm learning. I know a bit about fair use copyright law, a bit more about public domain, and I definitely know that I won't be making money off this site, so a lot of these won't apply to me.

I will, however, try to give credit where credit is due. If I find an image that I like on the Smithsonian's website, I'll try to put include it in my post using a direct link. If I upload the image itself to my site, I'll reference where it came from.

If you want to use any of the images that I create (most of which you'll find at the top of the post), go right ahead. Just please make sure that you say where it came from.

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