Monday, March 11, 2013

Blogging for other Bloggers

Remember Meagan and Laura from Well, after the interview that I had with them several months ago, they were nice enough to invite me to write a blog post for their website. The result: "Diamonds in the Rough: Sprawl, Preservation, and the Recent Past," published just a few days ago. The article narrates the post-WWII popularity of the ranch house. Many examples of this style are passing the 50 year mark necessary to be officially labeled "historic." What's to be done with them now? Read on to find some suggestions.

"Diamonds in the Rough: Sprawl, Preservation and the Recent Past."

In other news, check back in the next few days as I update you on a very busy February. I've been assisting in the creation of Plimoth Plantation's Jenney Gristmill exhibit, which goes live this week.

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